Sitting in the New Year

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Will you wake up on January 1,2012年,对上帝说:“我今天不需要读你的话,祈祷或听你的声音。I am competent on my own.我可以一个人守新年决心,非常感谢。”??

当然不是!We would never darethese frightfully arrogant words.

But if we neglect God's Word and prayer,wearesaying with our hearts and actions:"I can do it all by myself.""


We can't start a new diet,stick to our budget,或者没有他就改掉那个坏习惯。None of these things—no matter how hard we work at them—will have any"永恒的价值或……产生精神上的果实”没有上帝(ESV学习圣经)。


We must renounce our self-sufficiency.

We must repent from our arrogant independence.

We must come to the God of mercy who is eager to forgive.


当我们坐在耶稣脚前,we are saying:"I need you!没有你的帮助,我不能服从你。我不能用自己的力量为你服务。我不能一个人走得配得上福音。我需要你的恩典。”"

你知道吗?他会给的!God doesn't correct our self-sufficiency to push us away.He wants us to draw near to sit and listen.他想和我们说话,to teach us,to give us grace to bear fruit.

So let's—with our words,我们的心,and our actions—I need you,主today and every day this year!!

(For encouragement and accountability in prayer and reading God's Wordjoin our clubs!!


Christmas Clean-Up

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这是一个吉尔塔克tradition to recommend a sermon to listen to while taking down your Christmas tree and trappings (如果你还没有!!)I listened to an excellent series of sermons today as I was packing away our Christmas decorations.这些消息在the life of Joseph(of the OT) were preached by Dr.Sinclair Ferguson over a few months this past year.I'm only part way through and already greatly encouraged.So while you're putting away those ornaments and lights,listen and enjoy.