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“Just as an artist who paints pictures and portraits exercises great care in his work,所以你们每个人,父母,must be attentive to these wonderful images [your children].Each day,a painter adds what is necessary to the picture.雕刻家也这么做,清除多余的石头,添加不足的部分。你也应该这样做:作为图像制作者,devote all your 新利18luckIM电竞牛time to the task of fashioning wonderful images for God.Remove the excess;加上不足之处。Each day,仔细检查图像。Cultivate the natural excellence that each one has,去除天生的劣质……教他们保持清醒,vigilant,watchful in prayer,把一切所说所作的,都放在十字架的记号下。“

-约翰·克里索斯托姆(C.347—407),On Vainglory and the Education of Children,22:




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“We give thanks to you,O God;我们感谢,因为你的名字就在附近。”“诗篇75∶1

“永远不要让我们忽视感恩节……因为微笑的花朵以它们可爱的颜色,感激地反映出太阳光的各种成分,所以,在上帝的恩赐微笑之后,我们的心也应该感激起来……我们应该一次又一次地赞美上帝。刻薄的感激是忘恩负义。为了无限的善,应该有无量的感谢。Faith promises redoubled praise for greatly needed and signal deliverances.For that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare.神在应允我们,行奇事,我们便是现在的神。我们唱的不是隐藏的上帝,who sleeps and leaves the church to her fate,but of one who ever in our darkest days is most near,在困境中非常及时的帮助。“Near is his name."Glory be unto the Lord,whose perpetual deeds of grace and majesty are the sure tokens of his being with us always,even unto the ends of the world."Charles Spurgoen,,大卫国库



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Even though we're all busy preparing for Thanksgiving in two days,离12月1日只有一周了。Since so many of you have asked,我在张贴一些去年的日程安排。显然两个链接都断了,但它们已经被固定在下面了。享受!!

advent calendar几年前,妈妈给我们每个家庭买了一本木制的圣诞日历。我的孩子们喜欢每天打开一扇新的门,找到一块糖果和一本关于圣诞节故事的经文。18luck外围投注Steve reads the verses aloud while the kids listen attentively,他们嘴里塞满了巧克力和牛轧糖。

过去,我用这个简单圣诞节倒计时以及参考文献。今年,既然杰克老了,I'm adapting这个时间表从旧约预言开始的更长的阅读。随着圣诞节的临近,I want my kids to connect,以某种小的方式,几个世纪以来对弥赛亚的渴望。

I've also pulled Nancy Guthrie'sCome Thou Long Expected Jesus从书架上拿下来,放在我的一篮子安静的时间用品里。新利18luckIM电竞牛我没有做标记,as I do most of my books,so I can enjoy the daily readings afresh each year.

For my children,and for myself,我不想“the busyness of [the Christmas season]…to crowd out a quiet anticipation of the wonder of incarnation."I want the glories of God become man to illuminate and outshine all our Christmas joys.