Shopping For 新利18luckIM电竞牛Time

2007 at 5:38 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre

封面1说到到期日,we have one more (less important but not insignificant) delivery in March: the manuscript of our next girltalk book.We're calling itShopping for 新利18luckIM电竞牛Time: How To Do It All and NOT Be Overwhelmed.冒着过分表达你的好意的风险,we want to solicit your prayers for this"birth"也。

什么Shopping for 新利18luckIM电竞牛Time全部?18luck外围投注Let me give you a brief summary.


但圣经也告诫我们要成为时代精明的购物者:新利18luckIM电竞牛"仔细观察你的行走方式,not as unwise but as wise,making the best use of the 新利18luckIM电竞牛time because the days are evil""(Ephesians 5:15-16).

The reality is,然而,我们通常不会像购物那样熟练地管理时间。新利18luckIM电竞牛与其仔细观察,明智地行走,we are often running frantically from one demand to another.Or we wander through the changing seasons of our life,很容易被任何吸引我们的花心的东西分散注意力。

在这本书里,we suggest five simple keys to help us as women"make the best use"或“shop"for 新利18luckIM电竞牛time.This book is not an attempt at a Christian-coated 新利18luckIM电竞牛time-management book.更确切地说,我们要为妇女提供鼓励和实际的帮助,使她们在神所定的每一个生命的季节里,都能为救世主带来荣耀。

So,我们会垂涎你的智慧祈祷,速度,and most of all,that we would make the best use ofour新利18luckIM电竞牛time and glorify God in this book-editing season.

PS—The book is scheduled for publication this summer.We'll let you know when it's available.



2007 at 4:54 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre 归档下Motherhood

Stockxpertcom_id416797_size1_1_1_1I have reached the point in my pregnancy where I'm counting the weeks until the due date instead of the weeks that I've been pregnant.只剩四个人了!!

随着交货图纸的临近,I want to humbly request your prayers.正如我以前在这个博客上分享的,my delivery with Jack was followed by serious complications.We were reviewing the events last night at dinner with my family….

星期五早上,February 21,2003年我被诱导。By mid-afternoon,my labor was regressing instead of progressing.Jack's head was stuck and the doctor determined he was experiencing some distress.So,她做了剖宫产。By God's grace,he was a healthy little boy.


接下来的三天是一片模糊。If I sat still for an hour or more,我几乎能感觉到正常。但是搬家是很痛苦的。Between a one and a ten,something close to ten.Steve,珍妮尔(因为妈妈不得不和生病的查德待在一起而来帮忙)英勇地照顾着杰克和我。It was assumed that I was,好吧,没有办法让这种便秘变得微妙,and that things would soon right themselves.But the pain only got worse.

Finally,星期三我被送进医院观察。Thursday morning,第二次CAT扫描显示我的病情恶化后,emergency surgery was performed.

When I woke up,Steve told me that my colon had ruptured and subsequently been repaired,and that my appendix was inflamed and had been removed.I had an infection.In many ways this was only the beginning of the trial.The recovery was long and arduous—I won't bore you with all the details.包括在医院里呆了很多天,loads of antibiotics,以及许多并发症。出院后,Steve,我和杰克和父母住了几个月。My mom nursed me full-新利18luckIM电竞牛time and she and Janelle took turns getting up with Jack in the night.Finally,6月,我需要第二次手术来完成修复,我开始修补。

我们仍然不确定发生了什么。There are half a dozen plausible theories.My current favorite is something called"Ogilvie Syndrome"which can occur following various types of surgery,包括剖宫产。



Recently,I was speaking with my dear Aunt Betsy,她告诉我,她在祈祷,我的交付将是非凡的,因为这是平凡的。I liked the sound of that.所以这就是我对身体的祈祷。最重要的是,please pray that,"the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in [me] andin him,照我们神和主耶稣基督的恩典。」2 Thessalonians 1:12.

Thank you,my friends.


A Photo Shoot


One aspect of bookwriting we girltalkers really dislike is the obligatory photoshoot.And today was that day.出版商等不及了。所以我们在我家相识,迈克(我们指定的摄影师)很有耐心,因为我们试图做到这一点。”一枪。”We thought you would enjoy looking at some of the"非期权before we show you the winner.Hee-hee…














2007年下午3:24 Kristin Chesemore 归档下Biblical Womanhood|Book and Music Reviews

085151926101_aa180_sclzzzzzzz__1When Elizabeth Prentiss was unable to visit her dear friend Carrie,who like her,失去了两个孩子,she extended the following words of comfort:

"I long to fly to you and weep with you;似乎我必须说些什么或做些什么来安慰你。But God only can help you now and how thankful I am for the throne of grace and power where I can commend you,again and again,对做好事的人。...Dear Carrie,我相信,在这悲伤的时刻,你与你同在,before which alone sorrow and sighing flee away.上帝是左边的;Christ is left;sickness,accident,death cannot touch you here.这不是一个幸福的想法吗?愿悲伤使我们更接近基督!""

今天的链接将我们带到圣约生命教会,在那里我的父亲也将安慰的话从圣经扩展到那些受苦的人。In this message entitled"在试验中转化”"he considers how we can emulate the prophet Habakkuk's example when circumstances—such as Elizabeth and Carrie's—seem to contradict the character and promises of God.

Thanks to the good folks at the Sovereign Grace Store,this message is available asa free downloadthrough the month of March.

May these words strengthen and encourage those of you who are presently"穿过山谷。”"

BOOK CLUB ASSIGNMENT: Please read chapter seven this week.


A Short Distance

2007 at 2:27 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre 归档下家政|家庭用餐


We're not traveling far to get to today's link.At the same women's meeting that Mom referenced yesterday,卡洛琳McCulley我们的单身女士谈到“18luck外围投注The Walk of Faith.""

But it doesn't matter if you're single or married: we all need to hear this message!Carolyn draws lessons of faith from the lives of four women of the Bible: Sarah,Rahab,利百加和亚比该。She also introduces a dear mutual friend who is currently walking in faith as she battles cancer.

You can hear the testimony and the message and download Carolyn's outlinehere.

哦,鼓励实际的信仰表达,单身女性也收到了一个书签。Here are"10 Ways to Do Good to Others"(Galatians 6:10).

  • Show up at a friend's workplace with her favorite drink and a magazine.
  • 邀请一家人来吃甜点和游戏之夜。
  • 安排一个“欢迎回家在机场为一个旅行的朋友举行聚会。
  • Pray for a verse to encourage a friend and put it in a note.
  • 为生病的朋友准备一个康复篮。
  • Mail a coffee-shop gift certificate to a friend to initiate 新利18luckIM电竞牛time of fellowship.
  • Babysit for a mom with young kids.
  • Coordinate friends to pray—one per day—for someone going through a trial.
  • 为邻居或同事准备茶,并邀请教堂的朋友。
  • Call a friend out of the blue to tell her why you're grateful for her friendship.


2007 at 4:13 pm   |   by Carolyn Mahaney 归档下家政|家庭用餐


今天的行程带我们去费尔法克斯的主权恩典教堂,Virginia—Steve and Nicole's church.

On a recent Saturday their women's ministry hosted a morning for all the women of the church and Nicole was one of the speakers.我和珍妮尔跋涉了45分钟,听到她的信息,为她加油。(Kristin wanted to go too,但由于那天的日程安排,她没能做到。)那天早上妮可的话题是,"她对他很好,"derived from Proverbs 31:12.And of course I'm biased,but I think every wife who listens to this message will be freshly encouraged and challenged in her marriage.

You can download the message and the outlinehere.


10 Ways to Do Your Husband Good (Proverbs 31:12)

  • 给他写张情书,放在袜子抽屉里。
  • Take an entire evening to enjoy his favorite hobby with him.
  • 上班时带上一杯特别的饮料或带他去吃午饭。
  • 鼓励他在朋友面前表现出一种特殊的敬神品质。
  • 在他最喜欢的餐馆安排一个约会之夜。
  • 今天为他祈祷,告诉他你这样做了。
  • Surprise him with his favorite dessert after dinner.
  • Greet him in an extra-special way when he comes home from work.
  • Lead the children in a 新利18luckIM电竞牛time of honoring him.
  • 问他:What is one way I can be a better wife?"那就去做吧!!


2007 at 4:34 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw 归档下Biblical Womanhood|Modesty


结果:Min 2几周前我告诉过你18luck外围投注谦虚调查布雷特和亚历克斯·哈里斯在The Rebelution.好,他们只是联系我们让我新利18app苹果下载们知道结果。结果太棒了!To quote Brett and Alex,"The release of ‘The Modesty Survey' has resulted in our website receiving over 1.2 million page views in the past five days from over 60,000 unique visitors."他们还告诉我们我爸爸的消息,"The Soul of Modesty,"已经从他们的网站下载了2个以上,000个家庭。我真的需要说什么吗?你不想错过这一站!!

This is an important topic for all of us to consider,especially with spring shopping right around the corner.Moms,this would be a great tool for you to use in discussing the importance of modesty with your daughters.让我们利用这个机会,在追求荣耀上帝的过程中成长。点击hereto check it out.

布雷特和亚历克斯thank you for all of the 新利18luckIM电竞牛time and effort that you have put into this survey.You have served us all big 新利18luckIM电竞牛time!!


A Week of Links

2007 at 11:04 am   |   by Nicole Whitacre 归档下家政|款待

While we've been busy talking 18luck外围投注aboutfamily meals,我们还关注了万维网的几个目的地,我们认为您应该访问这些目的地。So,we're going to play travel agents this week and suggest what we hope will be an edifying itinerary.

Today,as an addendum to our series on meal新利18luckIM电竞牛time,we want to encourage you to check out some fantastic links on hospitality.这种常常被低估的圣经命令是一种将家庭用餐的恩典延伸给教会成员的方式,新利18luckIM电竞牛newcomers,and unbelievers.

093608309301_scmzzzzzzz__2第一,head over to9标志部"超越柠檬水和饼干”"in a thought provoking article on a biblical theology of hospitality by Jonathan Leeman.你也可以阅读三位基督教领袖(Ken Sande,Donald Whitney and Ryan Townsend) on the effect of Christian hospitality and read a book review ofThe Hospitality Commands 亚历山大·斯特鲁克。(注意:您必须向下滚动才能查看这些文章。)

IMGY34 38Then,click on our friend Carolyn McCulley's website and you can read a number of stellar articles on hospitality.Speaking from personal experience,I can tell you that Carolyn is well qualified to write on this subject.Here are several options on her"menu:""

Invite a Married to Dinner

Practical Questions 18luck外围投注about Hospitality

Imitating Our Hospitable God


Hospitality Hotlline

A Single Woman's Home: A Mission Field

Practice Hospitality

Check back tomorrow as our little trip around the Internet heads a new direction.


Book Club Week 6

2007 at 2:24 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre 归档下Biblical Womanhood|Book and Music Reviews

在她两个孩子难以预料地死去之后,Elizabeth was distraught—"Empty hands,empty hands,疲惫的身体,and unutterable longings to flee from a world that has had for me so many sharp experiences.上帝保佑我,我的宝贝,my baby!""

是什么使她在极度绝望的边缘退缩?莎伦·詹姆斯记录道She could only repeat over and over to herself something that one of her friends had said when calling on that last dreadful day.“上帝从不犯错。”不知怎的,她坚持着这个真理。"

你一生中经历过悲剧吗?The same God to whom Elizabeth clung remains faithful to this day.他从来没有犯过错误。他永远不会。

Debbie Demi knows this to be true.Like Elizabeth,去年她失去了一个小女孩,shortly after she was born.In the following paragraphs,Debbie allows us to listen in as she contemplates God's character in the midst of overwhelming sorrow.


我亲爱的甜蜜命运2天前去世了。It's amazing how much you could love someone who did so little so much.我对她所能做的一切感到惊奇。We were excited every 新利18luckIM电竞牛time she went"“波波”她一个人或者转过头去看什么东西。她的身体很完美。I marveled at her little toes and fingers and beautiful hair.她是我的,especially designed by God for me for a 新利18luckIM电竞牛time such as this,我爱她。

命运是很多工作。她需要药物来完成工作的每一部分——一种睡觉的药物,一种不可抓的药,一种治大便的药,a medicine to help keep food in her stomach… I cried many nights since she was born – saddened by what her future held and 18luck外围投注fearful of when her last day would come.医生们和医院的探访都让人精疲力竭。I felt like I was in the 3rd watch (as it says in the Bible).我很累,但同时,新利18luckIM电竞牛我深信主不会给我太多我能应付的。

I would have never chosen this trial or any trial for that matter.失去孩子的痛苦有时是无法忍受的。新利18luckIM电竞牛然而,以上帝的恩典,I was able to press into God and try to see what purpose He had in bringing Destiny into my life – because I have no doubt that God doesn't allow anything without a specific purpose.He had everything calculated down to the minutest detail including the perfect number of her days to accomplish the purpose that He had in mind for us.He knew the exact amount of pain and emotional energy that I could handle to keep me pressing into Him – that it wouldn't be too much that I would grow weary or bitter.我一直知道,并且仍然坚持这样一个事实:他一直都是好人,不仅是好人,而且他允许进入我们生活的所有事情都是对我们有益的。新利18luckIM电竞牛我们不可能总是看到这样的情况会是怎样的好——但是我们的信心不在于我们的感受或我们如何看待事物——而在于上帝是谁。

We often think that all pain is bad and that it's our goal to avoid it at all costs.It all hurts right now in an emotional way as a surgery to remove a large cancerous tumor would hurt physically.If we didn't know what we were being saved from,the surgery would feel like trouble upon trouble… the incision,账单,恢复过程…然而,what a benefit the surgery would be: it would keep one from death;it would remove future pain;it would allow one to live life to the fullest.What's going on in our lives at this 新利18luckIM电竞牛time could be God's way of doing surgery on our souls – we just can't see what the pain is sparing us from or preparing us to do or how it will be used for the future.It's all a matter of faith in a God who is faithful.一个不允许为了痛苦而痛苦的上帝,但是他有一个计划,即使是对于看似不必要的痛苦。我们只是看不到他不可避免地在表面之下所做的工作。他允许出现这样的情况,如果我们能看到他的计划的结果,我们会说,"Cut deeper."May we not miss what He intends!!

命运的名字意味着,"for which you were meant to do."She accomplished what her loving Creator meant her to do on earth.现在我们有了希望,她将永远与他在荣耀中共度一生,有一天我们将与她在一起。

(由于本主题的重要性质,这将是周末的最后一个帖子。Please read chapter six prior to next week's book club installment.May God's comfort and love be with you all!)