A Life Well Lived

2006 at 12:52 pm   |   by Janelle Bradshaw

我从没见过他,但最近几天我听到了很多关于他的消息,18luck外围投注我觉得我认识他。My friend Meghan lost her father last Wednesday night,心脏病突发几小时后。No one was prepared and no one saw it coming.He left behind a wife of over 30 years,3 children,and 4 grandsons.我为这个家庭感到悲伤,I have heard story after story 18luck外围投注about Randy Wagner and the godly life that he lived.他是个单纯的人,汽车修理工。But this man's life was not his own and each day was spent serving his Savior.

米甘说,在他的主之后,他的妻子是他最宝贵的财产。This was unique because Mrs.Wagner is in the advanced stages of Multiple Sclerosis.她被限制在轮椅或床上,疾病已经对她的身体造成了伤害。But she was the light of her husband's life.他年复一年地关心她,always communicating his deep love for her.Even some of his last words were spent on his love and affection for this lady.上周三在医院的时候,一位医院工作人员开玩笑地暗示他可能想要一个漂亮的金发护士”to care for him.先生。Wagner replied that he had the most wonderful woman waiting for him at home.

除了温柔地照顾他的妻子,Randy spent the rest of his 新利18luckIM电竞牛time serving others,安静地在幕后。For years Randy participated in世界车轮,a ministry founded by Joni Eareckson Tada which provides wheelchairs to the disabled around the world.我昨天早上离开他的葬礼时,I passed a photo of a severely disabled man sitting in one of the wheelchairs that Mr.Wagner had collected.He faithfully invited coworkers and friends out to his church.One close friend recounted at his funeral that after glancing around church one Sunday,他通过兰迪的邀请,一个接一个地注意到多年来一直来教堂的人。

最重要的是,我听说了,先生。Wagner loved His Lord.He loved to sing worship songs to the Savior with his family and friends,and was a member of the choir at his church.他甚至去了其他教堂,用他的歌声祝福他们。最重要的是,他爱上帝的话。Meghan told me that he asked her to read him his favorite Psalms as he lay dying in the hospital on Wednesday.

没人怀疑他在哪里。Wagner is today.His family likes to say that he is enjoying a sound system like no other as He sings praises to His Lord in heaven.我不认识这个人,but I have learned many lessons from him over the last few days.He has left behind the legacy of a life well lived before the Lord and I want to be like him.


In Conflict,Anyone??

2006 at 7:55 pm   |   by Carolyn Mahaney 归档下Biblical Womanhoodγ友谊γMotherhoodγParenting Teenagers

Nicole has an article on Crosswalk.com's family channel on the subject of母女冲突.However,母亲和女儿并不是唯一可能在他们的关系中经历冲突的人。We are sinful people living and working and doing church with other sinful people.冲突的现实是我们都非常熟悉的。

悲哀地,we are far less familiar with the grace God gives to those who respond to conflict with humility.In his message"“Cravings and Conflicts“on which Nicole's article is based,我丈夫检验了詹姆斯4和上帝的真理,它改变了我们的冲突。坏消息是,冲突比我们想象的要严重得多。但好消息是,解决冲突也比我们想象的简单和容易,因为耶稣基督。

所以如果你现在正经历着任何形式的关系不和,read this article,听这个消息,找到上帝解决冲突的方法。


A Party for Baby Bradshaw

2006 at 5:03 pm   |   by Kristin Chesemore

我们今天都有点累了,because we are recouping from Mike and Janelle's open house baby shower yesterday afternoon.Three years ago Mike and Janelle were married in a memorable and slightly unusual婚礼和接待。There was a moon-bounce and ice cream sundaes,and jars full of candy and washbasins with cold sodas.所以我们认为他们的婴儿送礼会和他们对所有有趣事物的热情保持一致才是合适的。

我们不知道如何在起居室里安装一个弹跳的月亮,但是爸爸和妈妈家的每个房间都为男孩和女孩提供了有趣的活动:安迪·格里菲斯重播,foosball,board games,photo albums,an ESPNZone,当然,lots of yummy food.


我们希望你昨天能到那里,但这里有几张迈克父母的照片,Jim and Kim,参加了布拉德肖宝宝的聚会。





Friends Jon and Michelle talking with Mike and Janelle







Friday Funnies

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This story from Laurie R.18luck外围投注关于她的男孩让我笑了,部分原因是我能想象安德鲁和利亚姆做同样的事情!!

在圣诞前夜的仪式上,孩子们第一次戴领带(从婴儿奉献开始)。新利18luckIM电竞牛我的丈夫,Jason,was leading the congregation in giving the tithes and the offerings.他按惯例说,“…put your tithes in the offering basket as it comes around…"当引座员来到我们排的时候,my son Caleb looks at me puzzled and says,“Daddy,said we're supposed to put our ties in the offering basket?“He and his brother both grabbed their ties when I finally realized what was going on.我开始笑得那么凶,引座员一定以为我疯了。

愿主耶稣的恩典在这个周末与你同在!(1 Cor.16:23)
(for Carolyn,Nicole,贾内尔)



2006年下午2:34,Nicole Whitacre

We will conclude our"高效女性”series next week,但今天似乎是一个好日子,为一个斯普吉引用(尽管,什么时候?).Marie Silard,牧师的妻子,good friend of Mom's,当妈妈准备在决定的会议上发言时,鼓励者异常地把这个冥想发送给她。昨天,妈妈把它寄给了我,因为我计划明天在我们教堂的一个妇女会议上发言。However,这些关于箴言16:33的思想并不是关于公共教学的。18luck外围投注它们是关于生命的全18luck外围投注部。他们能带你来吗?神圣的平静不管你今天的责任、审判或情况如何。

“把这块地抛在膝上,但这一切的摆设,都是出于耶和华。Proverbs 16:33

如果命运是上帝的安排,我们一生的安排是谁的?If the simple casting of a lot is guided by him,何况我们一生中发生的事,尤其是当我们蒙福的救世主告诉我们的时候,更是如此。The very hairs of your head are all numbered: not a sparrow falleth to the ground without your Father."它会给你带来神圣的平静,亲爱的朋友,如果你总是记住这一点。它能让你从焦虑中解脱出来,你会更有耐心地走路,安静的,以及基督徒应该有的快乐。当一个人焦虑时,他不能用信心祷告;当他为这个世界而烦恼时,18luck外围投注他不能为主人服务,his thoughts are serving himself.如果你愿意先求神的国和他的公义,“一切都要加在你们身上。You are meddling with Christ's business,当你为自己的命运和境遇烦恼时,你会忽视自己。18luck外围投注你一直在努力”提供“work and forgetting that it is yours to obey.是明智的去服从,让基督管理供给。来看看你父亲的仓库,问他是否会让你挨饿,而他却在他的衣柜里积攒了这么多钱??看看他的仁慈之心;see if that can ever prove unkind!看看他那深不可测的智慧;看看这是否有错。首先,仰望你的代祷者耶稣基督,问问自己,while he pleads,can your Father deal ungraciously with you??如果他还记得麻雀,他会忘记他最穷的一个孩子吗?“把你的重担卸在耶和华身上,他会支持你。他决不会让义人动摇。”“

My soul,rest happy in thy low estate,??
Nor hope nor wish to be esteem'd or great;??
做你的荣耀,and those riches thine.

Charles Spurgeon,,早晚,Morning,December 19

注意服从。Let Christ manage the providing.And cue the laugh track,因为星期五的滑稽表演马上就要来了!!



2006年下午6:34,珍妮尔·布拉德肖 归档下Motherhood

Good news from today's doctor visit!我的小女孩的头是向下的(医生告诉我,他们通常在实际分娩前看不到婴儿的头这么低)。I'm 1 cen新利18luckIM电竞牛timeter dilated,有60%-70%的消光率。上周她一直很忙。They did a last minutesonogram which showed her still small (good girl!)weighing insomewhere around 5.5 pounds.Doc doesn't think she'll exceed 6.5pounds but you never know.I realize that you can go for weeks in thisstate;but I certainly enjoyed this report over last week's report of"nothing happening."医生让我保持活跃,so I'mcoooking up potential plans to keep me moving around.





2006 at 10:29 am   |   by Carolyn Mahaney

除了成为名誉执行编辑“of GirlTalk,my husband is now blogging with some friends of his on theTogether for the Gospel Blog.t4g博客是“Mark Dever之间正在进行的对话,Ligon Duncan,C.J.马哈尼and Albert Mohler."这四个人也在主持“一起参加福音会议”“for pastors taking place in Louisville,KY 4月26-28日,演讲者为John Macarthur,John Piperand R.C.Sproul.The TG4 Blog is directed at pastors,但我已经享受了这种善意的戏谑和鼓励阅读更多的好书!看看,告诉你的牧师。18luck外围投注


Effective Homemaking with Kids??

2006年下午5:34,Kristin Chesemore

这是我第一次出现在这里”高效女性”series,by my request.三个孩子,“高效”意味着在欧文把我的羽绒被涂上唇膏之前抓住他。当涉及到习惯#6 though,我妈妈的几条建议在我人生的这个季节起了很大的作用。这里有三个提示“establishing an efficient routine for managing your home:"“

先吃穿:最近,my laundry has been spinning out of control.我想我永远也看不到结局。我一直在尝试否定的方法。I shut the door firmly and choose not to think 18luck外围投注about it.但情况并没有好转。I'm still hoping one of my kind sisters will come and do it for me (Janelle,你今天有什么事吗?)

作为一个年轻孩子的妻子和母亲,it's easy to get overwhelmed.最重要的是,我真的很喜欢干净的家。我的诱惑是在我的家里找到我的快乐和安宁。Laundry I can shut the door on,我冰箱里没人看到,但我不能把家里的凌乱拒之门外。

However,在这样的旺季,Mom has encouraged me to focus my homemaking efforts first on these two basic needs: food and clothing.我的房子可能一团糟,但是如果我丈夫和孩子们有干净的衣服穿,有食物吃,他们会快乐,生活会继续。所以,我想我还是得打开洗衣房的门!!

Minimal Cleaning:在我有孩子之前,我每周自上而下地打扫我的房子。安德鲁死后,我一直在努力保持这个标准。I would stick him in the entertainer each Friday as I cleaned.好,now with three little ones,窗外的一切。My house is almost never cleaned all at once.For example this past Monday I thought I could mop the floors—just mop,没有别的了。好,到最后一天,I was only half way done.I still haven't finished.

My standard,to say the least,现在有点低了。妈妈鼓励我接受最小清洁”approach: develop a plan for maintaining general cleanliness in the home and save the thorough cleaning for another season.因此,Windex和Clorox湿巾已经成为我特别的小朋友;我快速的方法,使我凌乱的房子看起来有点干净。

当我停下来看着我的丈夫和孩子时,我意识到照顾他们应该是我的首要任务。下周我的家人就不记得地板有多干净了,但他们会记住时间,新利18luckIM电竞牛care,and love I gave to them.

无情的文书工作习惯:你已经知道了,今年早些时候我们搬进了一个小联排别墅。我房间的角落变成了unpacked section of the house."如果我把一些账单或其他文件放在书堆里,就不知道什么时候能找到。Bills were disappearing,文件和收据都丢了。Thus I finally went off to Staples and purchased $40 worth of files and labels.I still haven't bought a filing cabinet to hold them,但我确实把我的论文整理成适当的文件。现在,当账单进来的时候,they have a place to go.

在她的书中,,为成功而组织,斯蒂芬妮·温斯顿建议用traf方法组织文书工作。She says,“Happily,我发现只有四件事你可以用一张纸做四个决定:TOSS,,REFER(即把它传给别人或和别人讨论)。,就个人而言,,f就这样吧。”“

所以,通过练习无情的文书工作习惯,为打扫我的家设定现实的目标,先吃东西,先洗衣服,我至少能有点在这个繁忙的季节有效地管理我的家。These three simple goals may not serve my idol of a perfectly clean home,但是他们为我的丈夫和孩子服务,而且,I believe,愿主喜悦。



2006年下午5:32,Nicole Whitacre

今天早上,在我安静的时候,新利18luckIM电竞牛I made a list.A list of all the things I have to do today.把杰克弄脏的浴垫拿到洗衣店去。和我丈夫谈谈财务问题。18luck外围投注给不舒服的朋友打电话。Grade papers for my writing class.跑腿。写这篇文章。哦,and call another friend,把烤面包机还给我,and ask Steve 18luck外围投注about…

I,当然,我正努力遵循高效的女性,which is:她开发了一个有效的待办事项列表系统和日历/计划系统。.我的习惯已经减半了。我已经积累了许多学分的待办事项和计划经验。

But it's the"effective"part I have trouble with.我的问题是我倾向于过度计划和way超过列表。(Who else puts"锉刀钉as an item on their to-do list?Write me.我们需要成为朋友)。我丈夫问我今天在做什么,我激动地回答说,“我要组织我的生活。”Those seven words always spell trouble.这通常意味着他会回家在一堆文件里找到我,sighing a lot.

However,我有幸拥有自己的组织顾问。妈妈把清单和有效部分都记下来了。关于我就够了,18luck外围投注and my ineffective system;以下是她高效的待办事项列表和日历系统的五个简单步骤。

1。Create a Master To-Do List—First off,Mom keeps one running list of everything she needs to do.One author calls this a"思维转储在纸上。这是她的主要任务清单。Each week she uses this list to do her每周计划.她将各种任务从主任务列表分配到一周中适当的一天。

2。Create a Daily To-Do List-每天安静下来之后,新利18luckIM电竞牛妈妈每天花15分钟做一份待办事项清单。虽然妈妈用微软Word做她的列表,你可以在纸上做同样容易。At the top she writes a verse or quote from her quiet 新利18luckIM电竞牛time that she wants to meditate on that day.She already has several to-do list items assigned during her weekly planning,她还根据需要补充了更多内容。当她任务清单上的一个项目是一个大项目时,她每天要做的事情可能包括几个任务,一次向前推进一点。新利18luckIM电竞牛

3.创建每日计划-Mom takes her daily to-do list and allocates 新利18luckIM电竞牛time for each task.她说,考虑能量水平和安排最需要思考的任务(例如balancing the check book,写一封信)在一天的早些时候,并保存无脑的任务(例如折叠衣物)。也,先完成你最不喜欢的任务,最后再保存那些有趣的任务。每日待办事项列表和每日日程都是通过关注以前计划的日历项目(例如乍得家庭学校,dr.'s appt.,教会活动等等)。

4。Use Your Daily To-Do List/Schedule-妈妈打印她每天要做的事情清单/时间表,然后把它放在口袋里。这样她就有了一首诗,她的待办事项清单,每天都和她在一起。新利18luckIM电竞牛她也更有可能填补空缺的时间段,完成她名单上的一些事情。新利18luckIM电竞牛

5.Do It Again Tomorrow-不管她没有完成什么任务,都要转移到第二天,然后重复这个过程。For all you visual learners,这里是一个sample to-do list/schedulefrom Mom.

为了有效地管理您的待办事项列表,日历项目,和目标,等。你需要自己的”把它们放在一起”tool.Mom has a notebook (which includes a calendar) and she does her to-do lists on the computer and prints them out.By contrast,I keep all my information and lists on my laptop.You will need to discover the calendar/planning system—whether digital or paper—that is right for you.

Finally,there is one vital truth to remember 18luck外围投注about to-do lists.It's something my dad tells us often:只有上帝能完成他的任务清单.只有上帝完成了他需要做的一切,in exactly the way He intends,在正确的时间内。新利18luckIM电竞牛只有上帝!这个事实帮助我看到期望完成我自己的任务清单的傲慢荒谬。It frees me to humbly accept my limitations,只是想做一个忠实的时间管理者来荣耀上帝。新利18luckIM电竞牛



2006 at 12:04 pm   |   by Nicole Whitacre



三年前的现在,在我和杰克怀孕八周左右的早期,我以为我流产了。We were out of town and I had to wait through the weekend before I could visit the doctor.那几天都在哭,祈祷,求神恩典,使他信靠他。

On Monday morning,我去超音波与史蒂夫在我身边。在梦里,I laid on the table as the technician spread the jelly on my abdomen and used her equipment to peer into my womb.After a few eternal moments of silence,the woman wordlessly turned the screen so Steve and I could see.有一个椭圆形的身体,小小的,头部附近不透明的圆圈。“看,“技术员指出,“这就是心脏。It's beating."“

她给我们打印了一张照片。关于它,next to that little oval shape with that little beating heart,她打了一个字:宝贝。